Anonymous Organization Gemini Committed to Revolutionize the Centralized Financial System

Staying true to the vision of one of the earliest Bitcoin (BTC) advocates, Hal Finney, anonymous organization Gemini is laying the building blocks for tomorrow’s equitable and ideal form of trusting society for the past 6 years.

What is Gemini?

Put simply, Gemini is a public chain but not in the traditional sense of the word. Rather, it is a decentralized and scalable multi-functional chain that addresses some of the major bottlenecks hindering the mainstream adoption of blockchain architectures around the world. Gemini is built from the ground up on the theoretical base provided by acclaimed computer engineer Hal Finney who was one of the earliest individuals on the planet to transact Bitcoin. Gemini is a robust, fourth-generation blockchain network that enables uninterrupted inter-operability with other blockchain networks through its extended chain. The Gemini mainnet can communicate freely with virtually all other blockchains and verify their transactions. Notably, each parachain in the Gemini ecosystem trusts the verification results of the Gemini mainnet. Gemini’s tech infrastructure involves high-performance cross-chains that allow for the smooth transfer of digital assets from any blockchain into the Gemini ecosystem. At the same time, Gemini ensures that such transactions are processed at minimal costs to the user.

Fostering an Inclusive and Open Financial Landscape

As alluded to earlier, Gemini is a truly decentralized blockchain endeavor aimed toward financial inclusion, meaning it does not rely on any centralized authority for its functioning. Additionally, Gemini involves minimal barriers to entry in that literally anyone with a decent Internet connection can connect to the network and contribute to it. With regard to security, Gemini leverages innovative event-driven transactional smart contracts that run on autonomously introduced AI to achieve self-iterative upgrades. This way, Gemini smart contracts either get fully executed or not at all, thereby ensuring reliable security and consistency of the public chain. To conclude, Gemini is a breath of fresh air that is spearheading the cause of financial inclusivity initially envisioned by Hal Finney. With an ever-growing global community and continual cutting-edge tech upgrades, Gemini is committed to building an egalitarian financial system for tomorrow, one transaction at a time