bitcoin news

Bitcoin is a digital currency that can be traded throughout the world, native to the internet, and is not issued by any central authority.
It is created through a process called “Bitcoin mining” which involves a lot of computers solving a complex math problem. Unlike regular currencies like the USD, EUR, and GBP, Bitcoin is completely decentralized. It doesn’t belong to any individual, organization, or government. As a digital native, Bitcoin is a currency that is globally accessible, allowing users to send and receive funds at any time, without involving any intermediary. What makes Bitcoin so popular is the fact that it’s an independent, decentralized, digital asset that isn’t issued by a centralized party. This means that it exists in isolation without any binding rules typically imposed on regulated traditional platforms. Because of decentralization and independence from third parties, Bitcoin is extremely secure, fast, and relatively cheap versus traditional remittance options. You can buy BTC either online or in person. Acquired BTC can then be transferred to other people or exchanged for other currencies. One of the best places to buy Bitcoin is at regulated cryptocurrency exchanges on platforms like Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, and others. 

How Does Bitcoin Work?

Aforementioned, Bitcoin is created through a process called “Bitcoin mining” which is an energy-intensive process demanding tremendous computing resources called hash rate to solve and validate BTC transactions that will eventually be recorded permanently in the Bitcoin public ledger. Bitcoin miners are farms, individuals, or pools who are capable of validating Bitcoin transactions receive BTC block rewards in exchange for their services—which is usually resource intensive. As it stands, it is incredibly hard for individuals to mine. Therefore, most miners band forming mining pools. By Q2 2022, Bitcoin is in the fourth epoch, rewarding 6.25 BTC roughly every 10 minutes to a successful Bitcoin mining pool. All Bitcoin transactions are digitally signed with cryptographic keys so that it is clear that the sender of the transaction is the one who is authorized to spend the digital assets that they own. Once a transaction is signed, it is added to the public ledger known as “the blockchain” that is used for validating all the other transactions. Blockchain is a massive public ledger that is used by the entire network of computers to validate transactions. 

Is Bitcoin Anonymous?

Bitcoin is not entirely anonymous, but the way it works is that no one can actually know who owns what. This is because Bitcoin uses a “public address” and “private key” that is used for sending and receiving BTC.  The public address—or key—is used for receiving BTC and cannot be used for sending BTC. The public key is similar to a bank account number used for receiving deposits. This means that when you buy or sell Bitcoin, the transaction is recorded in the public ledger that’s visible by all and sundry. It is advised that a receiver uses a different public address for each BTC deposit lest their identity is decrypted.

Is Bitcoin a Worthy Investment?

Bitcoin is a great investment opportunity because it is not regulated by any central authority. Besides, it’s decentralized, fast, cheap, easily transferable, easily divisible and auditable, and fungible.  However, investing in Bitcoin is always a risk because it is not fully regulated considering the fragmented nature of crypto regulation. At the same time, crypto prices are highly volatile with claims of price manipulation.