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Aisshwarya Tiwari
After having worked at an IT consultancy as an SAP Finance/FSCM consultant for more than two years, Aisshwarya switched to the decentralized world of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology.
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Eric Maina
Eric Maina has been working as a freelance content and copywriter for over three years. He is passionate about blockchain, crypto, and fintech. His articles on the crypto industry have been widely read. He takes his role of informing readers about events in the crypto industry very seriously. Eric aims to provide accurate and timely information in every article he creates on the crypto industry. He conducts in-depth research on the topics on which he writes to provide his readers with as much insight a possible into the nascent crypto industry.
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Jide Idowu
I am Jide Idowu. A stay-at-home dad and a cryptocurrency enthusiast. I have had my hands on freelance writing for over five years, researching and writing guides, reviews, and latest cryptocurrency news for various blogs and individuals world over.
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Kester Odero
Kester is a Kenyan citizen currently based in the country’s capital Nairobi who studied at KCA university, also based in Nairobi, Kenya.His Passion as a writer led him to freelance news writing in his early school years. Kester likes to talk about blockchain and is keen on generating plagiarism-free work. Kester also writes on general world news and other emerging niches and research in the crypto world and the world's economy.Kester is focused on creating high-quality and highly optimized content. In line with this, he has specialized in emerging blockchain news technical analysis and price predictions. BestHe is dedicated to giving the best quality services and focused on delivering work during the required time.
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Mushu Butt
Mushu Butt is an experienced freelance content writer. His focus is primarily on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. One might even refer to him as a "blockchain enthusiast." He has been following advancements in the crypto and blockchain area for several years, researching and writing his insights in the media.In addition to being a skilled content writer, Mushu is also knowledgeable in SEO and digital marketing. He aspires to succeed as a content creator in the digital realm, dealing with customers in the finance and tech industries to generate traffic through engaging taglines and content. Mushu enjoys traveling, reading, and playing cricket when he is not writing. He now works as a news and article writer for Blockchainreporter.
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Ogwu Emmanuel
Ogwu is a Nigeria-based blockchain analyst focussing on the regulatory implications of governments in the cryptocurrency industry. He writes regularly for several cryptocurrency-focussed news sites.
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Samuel Edyme
Edyme is a mysterious figure in the world of crypto, a writer who has explored every aspect of the blockchain. Some say he's a trader, others claim he's a hacker. His writing is like a key to unlocking the secrets of the crypto world, and his words can move markets. Edyme's stories are like cryptographic puzzles, waiting to be solved. But who is he really? Some speculate that he's hiding behind a pseudonym, like the legendary Satoshi Nakamoto himself.
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Shayan Chowdhury
Shayan Chowdhury is a freelance writer and digital nomad. He loves thinking, learning and writing about the crypto space. He is a crypto enthusiast who has gathered 3 years of writing experience. Through his in-depth research about the Web3 and analysis, he delivers high-quality engaging articles with clarity.Besides being a skilled journalist, he is a professional video editor. In the era of blockchain, he aspires to touch overwhelming success. He now works for BlockchainReporter as a news writer.
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Tokoni Uti
Tokoni Uti is a Lagos-based writer with several years of experience. Her work has appeared in the Huffington Post, the Los Angeles Free Press and the San Diego Free press among others. She is a graduate of Bowen University.
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Tom Nyarunda
Entrepreneur and freelance writer based in Nakuru, Kenya. I cover cryptocurrency, the Blockchain technology, and financial topics. It’s my joy to transform the simplest phrases in a way they reach a reader’s heart to help them discover how crypto is disrupting the world as we have known it. I believe in transforming the world, one word at a time.
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Umair Younas
Umair Younas is a cryptocurrency-related content writer linked with this work since 2019. Here, at Blockchainreporter, he serves as a news and article writer. He is a crypto, blockchain, NFTs, DeFi, and FinTech enthusiast. He has strong command over writing authentic reviews about brokers and exchanges and he has collaborated with our education team to write educational content as well. He has a dream to raise awareness among people about digital currencies. His works are well-researched and brimmed with information hence they provide fresh insights. Stay tuned to his posts if you want to stay up-to-date with the crypto-verse.