Press Release

A press release is a strategic document for updating the media and the general public about a project's recent news, updates, or critical announcement. They are often distributed through media channels for users to receive instant updates.
One of the major advantages of using a press release and choosing a reputable media outlet in crypto is that what a crypto project intended to distribute will get to more people without necessarily waiting for a journalist to pick them up. With a press release in place, it makes creating a secondary organic wave easier and stronger, exponentially reaching even more audiences. The primary goal of a press release is to drive targeted traffic to your website, blog, or other online destination. Overall, a well-crafted release issued by a crypto and a blockchain project can increase brand awareness and drive traffic. It can also help you appear in search engine results for related topics.

Why should you use a Cryptocurrency Press Release?

There are many reasons for a crypto firm to distribute a press to leading media outlets. Some of the most common reasons are:
  • Gain brand awareness: A newsworthy event can be great exposure for the project. With a press release, you can create the news surrounding your product, firm, or service and have a chance to get your name out there.
  • Increase website traffic: As mentioned earlier, the goal of any press release is to primarily drive traffic to the homepage or the product's landing page. By publishing the announcement through an authoritative crypto media outlet, chances of funneling and converting new users will always be high.
  • Gain authority: For ambitious projects who want to establish authority and distinguish themselves from competitors, circulating a well-drafted press release is one way of stamping authority. The service or product will have new users and even gain market share.
  • Build credibility: This is especially considering that your company doesn't exist in isolation but is competing with others for clients, investors, and media attention. A press release can help you stand out and provide a positive impression.
  • Strengthen your reputation: A positive response to a crypto press release will often improve the project's brand and reputation. Identifying a well-established media outlet and circulating your product's offering through this channel is a statement to customers that you are also committed to keeping them informed.

When to use a Cryptocurrency Press Release

You want your release to be published when your audience will see it. As such, a press release is the most effective tool when a project has urgent news, events, or updates to disseminate. There are several instances when it is the best strategy for promoting your project. Often a crypto project will issue a press release when:
  • The project has new service updates, product launch updates, partnerships, pricing changes, hires, or awards.
  • There are newsworthy events like surveys and compliance announcements that may affect the industry or existing partnerships.
  • There is a positive or negative change. For instance, projects typically circulate press releases to announce hires, pricing changes, legislation impacts, changes in investor or board members, and more.