Hyperledger Foundation

The Hyperledger Foundation is an open-source initiative that aims to help developers construct distributed ledgers on the blockchain. The Hyperledger Foundation is an organization working to develop tools, protocols, and several other resources needed to build a blockchain-based solution. Having collaborated with top organizations such as American Express, Microsoft, Samsung, Intel, Visa, and many more, the project is committed to helping blockchain startups scale as fast as possible through their starting phase.

They are a non-profit organization that ensures that all the necessary infrastructure and resources to thrive in the blockchain ecosystem are accessible. The foundation hosts several enterprise-grade blockchain software projects and has pledged never to create a project of its own.

Hyperledger is a hub for distributed ledger frameworks and libraries, lessening the tasks on new business blockchain systems and applications coming into the sector. Suppose a blockchain project requires a permission blockchain infrastructure to build their specific blockchain-based software or application without needing to build that from scratch. Hyperledger provides the essential infrastructure necessary for developing blockchain systems and applications.

Hyperledger Tools and Frameworks

Hyperledger has contributed immensely to the growth of blockchain-based business and the sector itself. Hyperledger is known to offer multiple projects and products, but not all of its services are active. Some are active and currently in use, while some are under incubation and need to meet specific exit criteria before being declared operational. Some of the projects include:

    <li>Hyperledger Burrow</li><li>Hyperledger Explorer</li><li>Hyperledger Cello</li><li>Hyperledger Caliper</li><li>Hyperledger Indy</li><li>Hyperledger Besu</li><li>Hyperledger Indy</li><li>Hyper ledger Iroha and many more</li>

These frameworks and tools range across several use cases, including design, integration, access to libraries, frameworks for SSIs, codebases, API support, and other blockchain management tools. However, the two most notable Hyperledger frameworks known to be the most prominent in the industry are Hyperledger Fabric and Hyperledger Sawtooth.

Hyperledger Fabric

This is the more popular of the two frameworks used by top blockchain networks. It provides the base system to build a blockchain infrastructure—the modular blockchain architecture and the de-facto standard for blockchain business platforms. The open, modular design, a platform for creating enterprise-grade applications and industrial solutions, leverages plug-and-play components to handle a wide range of use cases. As designed, the Hyperledger Fabric is an open, distributed ledger protocol that supports diverse programming languages. It also integrates smart contracts and another set of peripheral protocols. The network has advanced privacy controls that allow data only to be shared among participants.

Hyperledger Sawtooth

Hyperledger Sawtooth is another permissioned modular blockchain platform by Intel. The platform is used by businesses to install, run, and construct distributed ledgers. It can assist organizations that are having trouble using blockchain technology. It offers several features that allow for an excellent modular and permissioned platform, allowing users to create private transactions. It supports Ethereum smart contracts, and Java, Go, Python, Rust, and C++ software development kits are available.

However, the Hyperledger project continues to thrive on its contribution to blockchain technology. The project also incorporates proposals for the incubation of codebases alongside other critical technological elements crucial to the growth of emerging businesses.

Josh Fernandez

Josh Fernandez

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