What Is Parachain?

What is a Parachain, and what is a parachain auction? First of, a parachain denotes an application-based data structure operating simultaneously with the other parachains within parachain cryptocurrencies like Polkadot and Kusama.

Parachains are individual blockchains, though there is not a particular requirement pushing them to turn into blockchains that operate concurrently within the entire network of Polkadot. Parachains have a connection with Polkadot in a structural design that permits the developers to construct unique and autonomously operating networks run with the agenda implemented on the principal chain.


The infrastructure of every blockchain usually struggles to obtain three prominent targets in which scalability, security, and decentralization are included. The procedure of putting all these together is, often, a considerably difficult task. It has been bothering the blockchain community for a considerable time, and this challenge has not yet been overcome thoroughly. Because of these limitations, many blockchains are implementing features such as cross-chain composability and intercommunication for better interoperability and to overcome challenges brought about by their structural constraints.

Hence, it is clarified that blockchain-based facilities, crypto exchanges, and other such programs eventually require the discovery of unique methods for interacting with the rest of the decentralized networks, guaranteeing that the seamless exchange of the data is being carried out along with the transaction of the assets. Polkadot Network provides the solution to such problems by launching a parachain development project for blockchains, enabling them to interact reliably and safely. At the same time, Parachains allow for higher scalability in the sense that projects can run their operations within a defined ecosystem, overcoming scaling challenges.

How Parachains Work

The technology at the back of parachains is backed by a new-generation agenda, Substrate, specified for constructing blockchain while utilizing Web3 operability and is additionally used for establishing Kusama and Polkadot.

A person can deal with a parachain as a normal blockchain since its operations can be done without any restriction, taking into account the governance system, the token-related activities, and the rest of the functions. Each of the parachains is linked to the chief chain via the central Relay Chain, permitting them to operate autonomously without letting their linkage with the whole network be compromised. Nonetheless, each parachain can enjoy the security provided by the network of Polkadot along with having support from the validator model thereof as it has an association with the aforementioned Relay Chain. Putting it in simple words, there is no requirement for anyone to establish a separate validator community for the sustenance of a parachain.

In addition, there are collator nodes that help the validator in the security of parachains. In contrast with the validators, the collator nodes do not secure the network. Collator nodes hold a record of the data of every parachain, opt for the exclusive block contenders as well as ascertain the inputs along with the position of a parachain and validators. Besides this, cross-chain message passing (XCMP) permits parachains to cooperate with the chief chains. As a parachain’s economics can be diverse from the whole ecosystem of Polkadot, they can specify several transfer charges as their community demands.

What Is a Parachain Auction?

A parachain auction is a type of auction run on the Polkadot or Kusama relay chain to determine which blockchain will connect to the parachain slot. The purpose of the parachain auctions is to allocate parachain slots to various projects that want to operate on either of the networks. The aim is to have as many as a hundred parachains running simultaneously. However, these will open up in batches with around 20-30 parachains operational within the first year.



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